• Maddox Metal Works: Food Processing Equipment & Parts

    Maddox Metal Works, Inc. is a precision machining and snack-food equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. From our early days as a supplier to Frito Lay, Maddox continues to offer its technological and market advantages.

  • DairiConcepts Snack Seasonings

    For snack food manufacturers, DairiConcepts offers unmatched technical expertise in clean-label ingredient flavor development for your brand and formulation, backed by industry leadership in organic, kosher and halal-certified manufacturing.

  • Commercial Creamery Company Since 1908

    Commercial Creamery Company is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty food ingredients, incl specialty dairy/cheese powders. Our expertise and ongoing research in spray-dried cheese powders and other specialty dairy powders are unmatched.

  • Maddox Metal Works: Dozens of Extruded Shapes & Snacks

    Maddox Metal Works' Baked Extruding Line offers you dozens of shapes for all your snack products needs.

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